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About us

Your smiles, your memories, your joy...this is why My Unique Touch was created and this is what keeps us going. Most of our personalized jewelry is handmade by wonderful artists and creators. Some of our artists are stay at home moms with wonderful families, and others own small studios hiring local artisans.

When you support MyUniqueTouch, you're directly supporting individual artists and creators with small family owned businesses. 

Our main office is located in Milwaukee, WI, but some of the small studios where your jewelry is handmade and personalized are located in Boca Raton, Florida; Sonora, California; and Cincinnati, Ohio. In most cases, each piece of jewelry is custom made, by hand, just for you at the time of your order.

Each of our artists have been custom making jewelry for over 7 years, so you can be assured in knowing that the beautiful items you receive have been skillfully crafted.

We also carry 'custom art' jewelry which displays unique artwork and designs based on various themes. Lastly, we have an entire line of 'discount fashion' jewelry thats trendy and popular, and although this line of jewelry isn't custom made, it is very stylish and affordable.

You can reach out to our customer care specialists in multiple ways. Either use the Live Chat tab on the bottom right of this site during business hours, or send us an email at contact(at)myuniquetouch.com, or give us a call at 1-888-270-8009 during business hours.

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We really look forward to serving you!

Josiah Salim, President